Exposition of New Music 2015
10. – 14. june 2015


Contemporary music should be a free production, an author’s language through which abstract visions of both big and small truths, materialized into sound structures, are offered to us; a production beckoning its listeners, that it be listened to, not only heard. According to Zygmunt Bauman, a Polish sociologist living in Great Britain, we are expected to be flexible, and in the age of uncertainty every day we become new people, as the times are liquid, and contemporariness in music may work just like this. Our society has been changing, and so has its artistic image; contemporary music enables us to reflect on social changes and changes in art, but also on certainties, big and small truths, banal things, and traumas we are confronted with every day, not in a straightforward and easy-to-understand form, but in the highest form of abstraction, which is characteristic of, and only of, the human culture. Listen to the music, which was created for a specific place and a specific time, music, which will not another time and elsewhere