Exposition of New Music 2015
10. – 14. june 2015

Why is Brno not the center of contemporary music? / HERE AND NOW

28th Exposition of New Music will once again enter streets of Brno, as well as gardens, buildings and parks of the city. The dramaturgy is dealing with the phenomenon of site-specific, but it will extend to the overall questions of impermanence of the art HERE AND NOW. For a few days we will move an international sound art gallery to Brno, we will open the Prague room for improvisation, we will offer electronic walks in permanent collections, we will add sound to the Villa Tugendhat, the memorial of Leoš Janáček, the Mendel Museum, the Besedni dum, the Synagogue of Brno, the evangelical prayer room, the Music pavilion and perhaps also a pavilion at the Brno Exhibition Centre. 70 years from the end of the World War II will be celebrated.