Moravian Autumn
27 October – 8 November 2013

The international music festival Moravian Autumn belongs to the most remarkable feasts of classical music in Brno. An international music festival of this kind is expected to bring something special to the city in which it is held. The following years of the festival are going to be focused on the ART OF MUSICAL INTERPRETATION. The concert itineraries of many distinguished orchestras that we intend to invite to play in Brno have been avoiding this city so far. We also intend to bring here the world-class chamber ensembles as well as soloists, who adorn the international concert platforms in Vienna, London, Paris or New York…

As far as organisation is concerned, two substantial changes will occur. Firstly, the festival is going to take place biennially. Among the various reasons justifying this decision, the criterion of ARTISTIC QUALITY takes precedence; the biennial periodicity makes it possible to maintain a higher qualitative standard. Secondly, the Moravian Autumn will also abandon the routine of thematic concepts, which proved to be too limiting for a festival of such scale. Instead, the dramaturgy will offer logically organised blocs, thematic evenings or series of several thematic concerts. The basis of the programme will consist of three large-scale orchestral concerts, three performances of smaller orchestral ensembles and further concerts of chamber music or solo recitals. Our uppermost objective is to provide the listeners with a top-class artistic experience.

katalog Moravian Autumn 2013 (pdf)

Under of auspices of
Miloš Zeman,
president of the
Czech Republic
Roman Onderka
of the Statutory City of Brno
Libor Šťástka,
of the Central Brno district